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Our Firm

The main commitment of J.A. Treviño Abogados is to be a law firm in a class of its own. We are a group of professionals seeking to be a “valuable member” of the organizations we represent.

A Message from our Managing Partner

Dear Clients and Friends:

When you are doing business in a country like Mexico, there is a lot in your mind. What can a law firm offer besides lawyers with stellar credentials and a roster of impressive transactions? We at JATA live and work every day to fulfill the challenge of deserving our clients’ trust. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations, by providing valuable insight, so they can focus on making business knowing all legal matters are covered.

Unlike most law firms, we do not intend to be the largest nor the one which practices in all areas of law. We believe that we reach a far more competitive service level through our team of outstanding attorneys and the support of our of counsel experts in the specific practice areas which are most important for our clients. We therefore concentrate in practicing corporate law in Mexico, working with both Mexican and foreign companies, and specially those which are active in international transactions.

Thank you for your trust in me and our team. It is our privilege to work with each one of you or to be considered as an alternative for your legal needs. We are committed to win and retain your trust as your Mexican corporate legal team.


Jaime A. Treviño
Managing Partner.


«The challenge of deserving our clients' trust, and our on-going strive to exceed their expectations, is what drives our business every day in order to continue growing as individuals and as a firm.» —J. A. Treviño Abogados